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Steve Papp is a Nottingham based coach who is incredibly well versed in a variety of disciplines, ranging from Thai boxing to MMA. Nurturing his talent and passion for martial arts from an early age, he now passes on his knowledge and skills to those who want to train in one of the variety of disciplines he caters for. Having worked with some incredible athletes and fighters during his lifetime, Steve offers a wealth of experience, talent, passion and motivation to everyone who steps foot in one of his classes. Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who just needs to touch up their skills, Steve Papp has the dedication, the knowledge and the talent to help you reach your desired level, assisting you with learning valuable skills and keeping fit and healthy at the same time. If you would like to know more about Steve or the classes he offers, get in touch today. You can be sure of the highest standard of coaching and with a little dedication and discipline, you will soon find yourself reaping the rewards of Steve's guidance.


Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA is a comprehensive combat style that requires a wide range of skills. From hand to hand combat to grappling, mastering these skills will provide you with an understanding of a range of self-defense styles as well as giving you a fun, rewarding workout at the same time.

Thai Boxing

An incredibly popular striking martial art, Thai boxing requires you to work your entire body, something which may seem daunting but will leave you with a fantastic sense of achievement and exertion at the end. Steve Papp's Thai boxing courses are perfect for beginners and experienced people alike.


Another superb combination of self-defense and fitness training, boxing can be demanding at times but the end product is immeasurable - a sense of satisfaction, achievement and the knowledge that you have pushed yourself and learnt new skills in the process. From punchbags to sparring, there is something for everyone with Steve Papp's boxing courses, so get your gloves on today and try it out for yourself.

Fitness Classes

Away from self-defense and combat classes, Steve's expertise also extends to fitness classes, providing you with an opportunity to improve or hone your fitness levels and condition yourself. With a range of workouts available that cater for every need, there is something for everyone and you can be sure that you will soon see the benefit of taking part in these fitness classes.