About Stephen

Steve Papp’s experience spans a huge variety of disciplines. Steve began his training with Wada Ryo at age 8, before moving on to boxing in 1974. He then started training in Thai boxing in 1984 and then Jeet Kun Do, a discipline made famous by Bruce Lee, which also served as Steve’s induction to MMA.


Steve’s progression through the Thai boxing circuit led to him fighting for a British title in 1994, before he turned his attention to helping develop the next generation of fighters. Steve has trained and nurtured many fighters, with the most reputable being Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy, the first British fighter to be awarded a world title shot in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Steve’s other pupils include Jason Booth, former British and Commonwealth super bantamweight title holder, and former ISKA British Thai boxing champion Wayne McCoy.


Steve has taught classes in Nottingham gyms, including Liberty’s and the now closed RAW Fitness, helping people of all experience levels learn new skills and hone their existing ones while increasing their fitness levels. When working with Steve, you will benefit from his wealth of experience and his commitment to achieving excellent results, something you will see should you take part in any of his classes. For more information, get in touch today and see what you can do.