Trained Fighters

Trained Fighters

Dan Hardy

Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy is a fearsome competitor in world-renowned mixed martial arts organisation Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), becoming the first British fighter in the UFC to receive a world title shot, awarded in 2009.

Max Cotton

Max ‘100 percent’ Cotton is part of the new generation of mixed martial artists to originate from Nottingham’s fight scene. Starting out at welterweight then moving down to lightweight, he is tough as seen in all his fights to date and is known for his ‘in your face’ fighting style.

Jason Booth

Jason Booth has held the British and Commonwealth super Bantamweight Championships, after beginning his career as a professional boxer in 2006.

Andy Crichton

Andy started training with Steve at age 15 and made his debut in Birmingham at 18. He fought on various shows including King of The Ring and Clash of Warrior, which were both based in Nottingham. He went on to compile an impressive record of 9-2-2 in thai boxing and 2-0 in MMA.